Training Plans

The following courses are designed for those who are not ready yet for a permanent, long-term training with a coach but would still like to take some classes and try to improve quickly.

How it works: There will be 1 hour lesson on each theme in which you will learn everything there is to learn about the subject through examples and explanations. It is impossible to divide each subject entirely from the whole game so during each hour you’ll not only learn about only one subject, but about other different aspects of chess as well. At the end of the course you will be given a test that you will solve on your own. After that, there will be one final lesson to go through the answers with the trainer.

Requirements: The lessons will be given via Skype and so you will need an account there. Payments accepted via PayPal or Bank Transfer (for users in Europe or the United States)

In this page you will find each designed course. The material is updated and new exercises are added constantly. Not only you will study from the examples of our classics, but also see how the old positional concepts still apply in modern play.

Positional Chess Course – 12 Hours
Designed by IM Renier Castellanos
Cost: 250€

  • Understanding Weaknesses
  • Improving the pieces
  • The opposite color bishops in the middlegame
  • The bishop pair in the endgame
  • Minor pieces: Bishop > Knight
  • Minor pieces: Knight > Bishop
  • The advantage of space in the middlegame / endgame
  • Dynamic aspects of the Isolated Queen’s Pawn structure
  • Static aspects of the Isolated Queen’s Pawn structure
  • The positional exchange sacrifice
  • Prophylaxis
  • Final Exam and Revision*