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La partida del día

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5 Consejos para progresar en el Ajedrez.

A menudo me preguntan ¿qué puedo hacer para progresar en ajedrez? La verdad es que mi respuesta siempre es la misma, ambigüedad entre el “no lo sé” y el “estudia como el que más”.

Me gustaría escribir aquí mi opinión sobre lo que creo que necesita cualquier persona para mejorar hasta conseguir un nivel razonable o al menos que sea competitivo. Primero me gustaría exponer mi visión del ajedrez y contaros un poco de historia sobre mí.

Para mí es muy importante mantener la humildad ante la grandeza de este juego. El ajedrez es demasiado complejo y tiene cosas inexplicables, propias de un juego que se juega con la mente, el corazón y .. llamémosle coraje. Cada persona tomará las decisiones que mejor le convengan y no existe una única manera de jugar ni de entender el juego. Además de esto se suma la entrada de las computadoras que traen jugadas que dejan en evidencia a los Maestros más dogmáticos.

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Jobava: the perfect striker

If there is one chess player nowadays that (almost) always delivers entertainment over the chessboard that is Jobava Baadur. Unlike many other chess professionals, Jobava seeks to win every game no matter if he is playing white or black. Playing for a predetermined result (a draw) is just not natural for him. He is a true fighter of our times that some compare to Tal’s style back then. This approach has gained Jobava thousands of fans rooting for him to win whenever he is playing.

I have always had the habit of comparing chess players to football players. Gelfand once said that he’d “rather be more like Xavi than Beckham”, so I’m not the only one with such ideas.

cb04804-2A long time ago I had the idea of recreating a football team with the best chess players in the world (just for laughs). It ended up being something like this:

12748041_1118161341548749_7751048324269811317_oWhen this squad was published on our Facebook Page it had many reactions, mostly about the absence of Anand.… Read more

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Mihai Suba, the wizard

During the days of 25th and 31st of July, Sueca, a small town of Valencia, celebrated the second edition of their International Open Ciutat de Sueca. The tournament was filled with the highest rated players in the community, but surely the main attraction (for me) was to see GM Mihai Suba playing again, like in the good old days.  Suba has always been one of my chess idols. His playing style, his fighting spirit is something that one can only admire and try to imitate. His passion for chess is quite contagious; he is always looking at the game with optimism and never giving a position for lost, characteristic for a true fighter.

Suba played some good chess in Sueca, losing only one game against the winner, (FM) Jaime Valmaña (2389) and drawing his last round. I particularly liked his game against (FM) Francisco Montoliu (2326) which is a very typical game of Suba.… Read more

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