Jobava: the perfect striker

If there is one chess player nowadays that (almost) always delivers entertainment over the chessboard that is Jobava Baadur. Unlike many other chess professionals, Jobava seeks to win every game no matter if he is playing white or black. Playing for a predetermined result (a draw) is just not natural for him. He is a true fighter of our times that some compare to Tal’s style back then. This approach has gained Jobava thousands of fans rooting for him to win whenever he is playing.

I have always had the habit of comparing chess players to football players. Gelfand once said that he’d “rather be more like Xavi than Beckham”, so I’m not the only one with such ideas.

cb04804-2A long time ago I had the idea of recreating a football team with the best chess players in the world (just for laughs). It ended up being something like this:

12748041_1118161341548749_7751048324269811317_oWhen this squad was published on our Facebook Page it had many reactions, mostly about the absence of Anand. Well, this was my team and these were my players!

In a second attempt to make a football squad with modern chess players, Jobava was our main choice to be the center-forward. His ambitious style and permanent thirst for victories are qualities you appreciate in a skilful center-forward with a killer instinct.

Jobava is not the Messi of chess, nor is he the Cristiano Ronaldo. His style makes him more like the great Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Most of the times Zlatan does not score goals, he scores “golazos”, just as Jobava does not “just win” games, he produces beauty over the chessboard. Jobava and Ibrahimovic do not feel intimidated, intimidation is “frightened” of them.

zlatan2Zlatan can do a bicycle kick and score a screamer from outside the box, or he can gently  dribble past defenders and score with a soft shot. Jobava is an excellent attacker, famous for flashy sacrifices and king hunts, but his subtle play in the endgames is no less amazing.


zlatan3Perhaps what Jobava lacks is to be more regular. When things are going good for him then it shows in his games but sometimes he is simply out of luck and nothing goes the way he wants over the board. Nevertheless, he is one of the greatest players out there and he definitely adds value to every tournament he plays. It is now time to leave you with with some of Jobava’s best brilliancies, enjoy:






(IM) Renier Castellanos

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