Gibraltar Round 10. Nothing decided

Rock of GibraltarGrandmaster Hikaru Nakamura maintains the lead in the Gibraltar Masters after 9 rounds played. However, things are far from clear, as David Howell is only half a point behind him. Although it’s unlikely that Nakamura can lose with the white pieces against Harikrishna and Howell win as black against Hou Yifan, anything can happen. Draws are a common result in last round games, especially in open events where most players want to secure a prize and half a point is acceptable if you’re playing on the top tables. It will be interesting to see if, after 9 games already played, tiredness will have any influence on the games. The players could be exposed to make more unforced errors, resulting in more decisive games. We’ll have to wait and see.

Standings after Round 9 (first 10): StandingsRound9 The pairings for today’s round: Round10 Link on Chess-Results Official site

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