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Super Saturday from Gibraltar Masters to Moscow Open

There is plenty of chess to follow for the next days. Gibraltar Masters is being as entertaining as it can be, with Hikaru Nakamura, Wei Yi, Adhiban and Renier Vazquez in the lead with 4 points out of four. Among these four, Wei Yi and Nakamura have been not just winning their games but demonstrating a consistent strength.

The 5th round is set and it looks like there could be a lot of interesting games: Bologan – Svidler / Anton Guijarro – Topalov / Adhiban – Nakamura / Vazquez – Wei Yi are just a some of them.

Round 5 pairings:

Link on Chess-Results
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On another note, the ”Moscow Open” beings today until february 8th. A nine round swiss tournament with the participation of 21 Grandmasters above 2600 including Ian Nepomniatchtchi, Evgeny Alekseev, Francisco Vallejo Pons, Anton Korobov and many others.… Read more

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Gibraltar Masters. Round 3

The ”chess war” taking place at the rock of Gibraltar is treating us with some highly instructive and entertaining games. The top favourites keep losing and yesterday it was Ivan Cheparinov’s (2681) turn, as he blundered a pawn in an equal position against M.R Babu Lalith (2537). Richard Rapport (2716) also lost to his lower rated opponent Wenjun Ju (2547).

It’s curious how after 3 rounds, only 2 of the elite players rated above 2700 have managed to win all their games. The remaining 6 have dropped one or half a point against players rated 200 points lower (or more).  It shows the global strenght and the high level of today’s chess where anything can happen.

It’s worth mentioning that Badrakh Galmandakh (2240) who beat Alexader Motylev (2665) in the first round, lost against IM Donchenko (2511) in the second round. However he bounced back and held the strong GM Mateuz Bartel (2631) to a draw.… Read more

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Gibraltar Round 2. The big names feel the heat. Hou Yifan new number one.

Another day of exciting chess went by in Gibraltar’s Masters and the second round had many, many surprises. Top seed Vesselin Topalov was unable to beat the GM Debashis (2503) and had to settle with 1/2 point. Same result for number 3 Peter Svidler who was playing against IM Dennis Wagner (2501) (18 years old).

Hikaru Nakamura didn’t miss his date with victory and beat the GM Dronavalli Harika. He will face GM Nabaty tomorrow with the black pieces.

GM Richard Rapport (2716) beat the young norwegian IM Aryan Tari (2487) with a very straightforward play and a strong piece sacrifice:

RapportPosition after white’s  14.Ndf3!

Black continued with: 14…hxg5 (Perhaps black’s idea was to play 14…Ba6 but then saw white could play 15.Bh7+ Kh8 16.Ne5! with a very strong attack) 15.hxg5 Ne4 16.Bxe4 dxe4 17.Kd2!! white’s attack along the H file is decisive.

Rapport2Position after white’s 17.Kd2

The game went on with 17…g6 18.Qh1 f6 19.Rh7 1-0

Rapport3Rapport – Tari

Hou Yifan became world’s top rated female after her convincing win over the indian IM Das.… Read more

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Gibraltar Masters Galmandakh Badrakh causes the first upset.

Gibraltar Masters started yesterday and we had some really entertaining games to follow. All the top seeds (above 2600) won their games, all except Motylev (2665) who lost to Galmandakh Badrakh (25 y.o) rated 2240.  This single defeat costs Motylev 9.2 rating points while his opponent is going up 18 points already.

The game started with white playing 1.d3 d5 2.e4 dxe4  3.dxe4 Qxd1+ 4.Kxd1

The other exciting game of Round 1 was played by Hikaru Nakamura, his queen’s walk in the opening and fearless pawn grab was the main conversation among spectators. After 8 moves he had just moved his queen no less than 6 times!

1.d4 f5 2.Bg5 c6 3.e3 Qb6 4.Nd2 Qxb2 5.Rb1 Qc3 6.g4 Qa5 7.gf5 Qxf5 8.h4 Qa5Nakamura
Vojinovic (2301) – Nakamura (2776)

GM Jonathan Tisdall defined it really well:

Kids don’t try this at home!… Read more

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