Solution to morning chess tactic

CarlosGarcía-Castellanos1C. García Fernandez – Castellanos,R. Cullera 2004
White to play

The solution to this position is both, complex and simple at the same time, white is clearly winning but how?. My opponent went with his intuition and found nothing more than a draw, missing a quiet move that would have forced black to resign. Sometimes all you need is just to create the threat.

In the game white played 41.g4+ ? Kg5 42.Bc1+ Kf6 43.Bb2+ Kg5 with nothing more than a repetition of moves. Can’t blame him for playing 41.g4+ Lots of readers have told me the same move. 🙂

The right move was 41.h4! and now black is helpless against all the threats. Basically there is no satisfactory move, white will play 42.g4+ and if the black queen leaves d3, for example to d8 then Qb1+  and the attack is decisive.

Written by (IM) Renier Castellanos

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