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Solution to morning chess tactic

CarlosGarcía-Castellanos1C. García Fernandez – Castellanos,R. Cullera 2004
White to play

The solution to this position is both, complex and simple at the same time, white is clearly winning but how?. My opponent went with his intuition and found nothing more than a draw, missing a quiet move that would have forced black to resign. Sometimes all you need is just to create the threat.

In the game white played 41.g4+ ? Kg5 42.Bc1+ Kf6 43.Bb2+ Kg5 with nothing more than a repetition of moves. Can’t blame him for playing 41.g4+ Lots of readers have told me the same move. 🙂

The right move was 41.h4! and now black is helpless against all the threats. Basically there is no satisfactory move, white will play 42.g4+ and if the black queen leaves d3, for example to d8 then Qb1+  and the attack is decisive.

Written by (IM) Renier Castellanos

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Morning chess tactic

Today’s position is another ”lucky scape” from Cullera 2004, this time against IM Carlos García Fernandez. After a crazy game in wich decisive advantage switched from side to side we reached this position, white to play.

Poziția de astăzi este o altă „scăpare miraculoasă” din turneul închis jucat în Cullera în 2004, de data aceasta împotriva Maestrului Internațional García Fernandez. După o partidă în care avantajul a oscilat când de-o parte când de cealaltă, s-a ajuns în diagrama următoare, în care albul este la mutare.

CarlosGarcía-Castellanos1C. García Fernandez – Castellanos,R
White to play

Solution to previous chess tactic:

My opponent played: 25.Qe5 and after a precise forced sequence I achieved a solid position and managed to draw the game: 25…Qxe5 26.Nxe5 h4! 27.Rg4 Nf6 28.Rxh4 Bd5 here despite being a pawn down black is not worse.

However, white could have won the game with 25.Bxg6! fxg6 26.Rxg6+ and here, either on 26…Kf8 or 26…Kh8 comes 27.d5!Read more

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Central American and Caribbean Championships U20

I’d like to use this post to congratulate my student Danitza Vazquez from Puerto Rico for her performance in the Central American and Caribbean Championships U20 held in Costa Rica from 17th to 22th of december.

Danitza finished the tournament with 7 points out of 9 and and tied for the first place but was second on tiebreak. The winner of the tournament was another young talent from Puerto Rico, Natasha Morales whom I’d like to congratulate as well for such an important triumph on her career.

10846050_10153415162693332_8392166188240010443_nNatasha Morales (left) and Danitza Vazquez. 

danitzaDanitza Vazquez 

DanitzaRenierDanitza and me during one of our training sessions in Puerto Rico earlier this year.

DSC_0323Another training sesion in 2013

Written by (IM) Renier Castellanos

Me gustaría dedicar este post para felicitar a mi alumna Danitza Vazquez  por su actuación en el Campeonato Centroamericano y Caribe sub 20 celebrado en Costa Rica del 17 al 22 de diciembre.Read more

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Morning chess tactic

The following position is from my game against GM Gilberto Hernandez from México. The game was played in a closed tournament in Cullera, in 2004. I finished 4th and achieved my final International Master norm. Having a look at some of the games from that tournament, I can say that I was very lucky to have ended the tournament undefeated.

Hernandez, G – Castellanos,R
White to play

Written by (IM) Renier Castellanos

Următoarea poziție este din partida jucată împotriva marelui maestru Mexican Gilberto Hernandez într-un turneu închis ce s-a desfășurat în Cullera, 2004. Am terminat acel turneu pe locul 4, reușind astfel să obțin ultima normă de Maestru Internațional. Uitându-mă acum peste partidel jucate în acel turneu, pot spune că am fost foarte norocos să închei neînvins. Va propun în continuare spre rezolvare această diagramă, în care albul este la mutare.

La posición del diagrama pertenece a mi partida con el Gran Maestro mexicano Gilberto Hernández.Read more

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