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Chess life in Puerto Rico

                                                                                                  Written by (WIM) Raluca Sgircea

Chess is slowly gaining popularity in the small island of Puerto Rico. More and more kids are attracted by the game and start taking it seriously. The growing interest and competitiveness is probably the reason why Puerto Rico has so many young talented chess players. For almost two months, we have been lucky enough to be part of the chess community here and we can say that there is always some chess event going on!

The reigning national champion (in every possible category – women, open and juniors), (WIM) Danitza Vazquez, aged 15, is doing a great job promoting chess in Puerto Rico. For the holidays, she held a simultaneous exhibition where players of all ages tried to make a good result against the talented youngster.

In January, all chess enthusiasts were invited by Renier to a two-hour training session followed by a simultaneous in a very popular place: Le Petit Bistro, located in the mall Plaza Las Americas of San Juan.… Read more

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Throwback Thursday

Looking over the games from my last tournament played here in Puerto Rico, I found a couple of positions worth sharing. The first one is from my game against the FM from Dominican Republic Miguel Infante (2277). I had white and, after 19 moves, we reached the following position:

Castellanos-InfanteCastellanos (2465) – Infante (2277)

The position should be equal, but I felt like it was ”more equal” for black than for white, basically because I couldn’t see a plan to improve my own pieces or create any threats. In such cases, when you don’t see a clear plan, the general advice I’ve been taught is to just stay and ”wait”. In other words, make any move that doesn’t weaken your own position and allows you to press the clock and pass the turn. My evaluation of the position has not changed much. However, now I can see that white could continue with 20.Bc2, with the idea of 21.b4 and 22.a4 grabbing some space on the queenside and also waiting for black to decide wether he will take on g3 or play Nf4.… Read more

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