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Position of the day

Analyzing my own games, I found this interesting position from my game against the Grandmaster Stefan Djuric (Serbia) that we played in the second round of an Open in Nebrodi, Sicily. White has been pressing through the entire game, but I tried to make things as difficult as possible for him. My last move 33…Ra4! is threatening to trade his active rook and ease the pressure on my king. There is plenty to analyze here, if you enjoy studying puzzles or solving middlegame problems here is one for you:

TS1 (2)

White to play, find the strongest continuation:
Djuric,S – Castellanos,R
Nebrodi 2015Djuric-Castellanosr5k1/4pp2/3p1npQ/3P1P2/r1R5/6P1/q4P2/3R1BK1 w – – 0 33

Solution will be posted in a few days. Feel free to comment your thoughts.

R.C.Read more

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Endgame Puzzle

Today I won this position with the black pieces. At first sight it looks like black is winning, but white has an incredible resource. Can you find it?

Astazi am castigat cu negru pozitia din diagrama de mai jos. La prima vedere, pare ca pozitia negrului este castigata, insa albul are o resursa incredibila pentru a se apara. O puteti gasi?


1. Rf6! In order to save the game, white needs to keep the black king cut and advance the passed pawn. 1… a4  2. e6 – a3  3. e7 – a2  4. Ra6! A nice little tactical trick to force the draw.

1. Tf6! Pentru a salva partida, albul trebuie sa tina regele negru taiat si sa isi avanseze propriul pion liber. 1… a4  2. e6 – a3  3. e7 – a2  4. Ta6! O importanta resursa tactica ce forteaza remiza.Read more

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Isolated Wednesday


Find the right sequence of moves for white in the next three diagrams:

DelaVilla-SionWhite to play

Kamsky-KarpovWhite to play

Topalov-GauselWhite to play

Good luck!… Read more

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Morning chess puzzle

The following position occured in my game against GM Francisco Vallejo Pons played in a rapid event in Zaragoza. We were both leading the tournament after 7 rounds and I could have scored a major upset if I had found the right sequence here:

Castellanos-VallejoWhite to play and win

A picture of that game, taken just a couple moves before arriving to the diagrammed position:

IMG_34554951108461Castellanos,R – Vallejo,F
Zaragoza 2013

Solution: 34.Rc7+! Kh6 35.Rg1 [This is the move I didn’t see] Rf5 only move 36.Qd7 white wins


Written by (IM) Renier CastellanosRead more

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