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Remembering a genius.

Vugar Gashimov was one of the greatest talents that chess has seen in the last 20 years. A player with an unique vision of chess who made every game entertaining in his own way. Gashimov often chose sharp openings, full of play, no matter what the theoretical reputation of that line was. He was never afraid to take risks and he became the secret idol of many chess fans who enjoyed following his games all the time (The writer of these lines is one of them).

More than once Gashimov was compared to Mihail Tal – the Tal of our times, they used to say. Not only their playing style was similar, but also their opening choices, with the Benoni and 6.Bg5 against the Najdorf as main points of comparison.

I met Gashimov in 2004, over the board. It was the Calvia Olympiad and I was representing Chile at that time.… Read more

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New article for The Chess World

Our latest article for one of the leading chess websites on the net: The Chess World has just been published online. In this article we have a closer look at the ”rauzer pawn structure” with example games by Mihail Botvinnik and Magnus Carlsen.


Click on the link below to check it out!

The Rauzer Pawn Structure

Read more

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Throwback Thursday

Looking over the games from my last tournament played here in Puerto Rico, I found a couple of positions worth sharing. The first one is from my game against the FM from Dominican Republic Miguel Infante (2277). I had white and, after 19 moves, we reached the following position:

Castellanos-InfanteCastellanos (2465) – Infante (2277)

The position should be equal, but I felt like it was ”more equal” for black than for white, basically because I couldn’t see a plan to improve my own pieces or create any threats. In such cases, when you don’t see a clear plan, the general advice I’ve been taught is to just stay and ”wait”. In other words, make any move that doesn’t weaken your own position and allows you to press the clock and pass the turn. My evaluation of the position has not changed much. However, now I can see that white could continue with 20.Bc2, with the idea of 21.b4 and 22.a4 grabbing some space on the queenside and also waiting for black to decide wether he will take on g3 or play Nf4.… Read more

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