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Igor Lysyj and Valentina Gunina new russian champions

Igor Lysyj clinched his first russian championship yesterday after drawing his last round game against Boris Grachev in a rather dull game. He finnished with a score of 5.5/9 followed by Dmitry Jakovenko with 5 points.  Ian Nepomniachtchi who in case of winning his last game could have tied in 1st place suffered a painful loss to Nikita Vitiugov, in a very sharp variation of the French defense. Top seed Sergey Karjakin (2770) finnished at the bottom of the table with a final score of 4 points.

Men’s final standings:

  • Igor Lysyj (5.5)
  • Dmitry Jakovenko (5.0)
  • N.Vitiugov, P.Svidler, A. Morozevich, D. Khismatullin,I.Nepomniachtchi (4.5)
  • S. Karjakin, V. Zvjaginsev, B. Grachev (4.0)

Nepomniachtchi’s tweet after the final round.

The women’s superfinal had a dramatic end, with Alisa Galliamova and Valentina Gunina sharing the lead (both with 6 points!) and playing each other in the last round.… Read more

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Kings Tournament starting today!

The strongest Romanian event, Kings Tournament, is starting today in the city of Mediaş. The closed tournament that, in the previous years had famous guests such as the World Champion, Magnus Carlsen, Fabiano Caruana, Hikaru Nakamura or Veselin Topalov, has this year changed its format. The 8th edition will see a match between the current Olympic Champions, the Chinese team, and the Romanian Olympic team. There will be 4 rounds, each member of the Chinese team playing each member of the Romanian team. In the end, the best player of every team will play a rapid match of two games that will determine the winner of this year’s edition. In order to set the table order, a blitz match was played yesterday in Bucharest. According to the results, we have the following team composition:

Board China Rating Romania Rating
1 GM Lu, Shanglei 2566 GM Lupulescu, Constantin 2643
2 GM Wei, Yi 2649 GM Nevednichy, Vladislav 2563
3 GM Wang, Yue 2711 GM Jianu, Vlad-Cristian 2588
4 GM Ni, Hua 2677 GM Pârligras, Mircea-Emilian 2594

All games will start at 3 p.m., local time, and can be watched live on the official site .… Read more

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