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Spanish Team Championship – Primera Divison

Linares has been for a long time the heart of chess. The history of the events held in this city goes back to 1978. It started as a non-elite tournament until 1987, when the tournament was postponed, as the city was hosting a very important event – the Candidates’ Final between Karpov and Sokolov. Starting with 1988, it became the home of the elite event everybody knows. It continued until 2010 with the exception of 1993, when the Women’s World Championship was held here.

Even though the economical situation has made it impossible for Linares to host this strong event again, the city hasn’t turned its back to chess. For a few years now, the traditional tournament has been replaced by the Spanish National Championships (team and individuals).

This year’s chess festival has started on 8th of August, with the Team Championship – Primera Division and will end on 31st of August with the Open Championship.… Read more

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Dubai Open 2015


The third round of this strong event brought us some interesting battles.

The rook on the third rank.

Zhigalko-Khartikeyan1Zhigalko,S (2675) – Khartikeyan,M (2504)
Black to play

Here black continued with 12…Nxc3 13.Rxc3 Nb4. Black’s idea is to play b5 followed by Nd5 and Bb7. The game continued 14.a3 b5 15.Bb3 Nd5 16.Rd3! Deja Vu Not long ago we wrote here an article (Rocket Rooks) featuring a game by Sergei Zhigalko in which he played Rd3-Re3-Re5-Rh5-Rh3. He applies the same idea in this position, keeping the rook on the third rank will be useful on the attack against the black king.

Zhigalko-Khartikeyan2Zhigalko,S (2675) – Khartikeyan,M (2504)

The game continued 16…Bb7 17.Re1 Development completed. White’s idea is to play Nd4 followed by Qg4 with great pressure on the kingside, the rook on d3 can join the attack later to h3 or g3. Now black commited a serious mistake 17…Qc7? A typical square for the queen in this type of positions,however here it loses control over the g5 square allowing white to start a decisive attack.… Read more

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