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Chess Cheating and Ethics (A personal view)

The GrandMaster Gaioz Nigalidze (2566) from Georgia was thrown out of the Dubai Open this weekend after being found guilty of cheating. Over the past few years, this cancer (cheating) has been growing more and more. First among amateurs and now, apparently, among Grandmasters.  This must come to an end.

As chessplayers, we urge organizers to find a solution to this problem. There are many things to be done on this subject. However,  they are not the only ones to make a  difference, chess needs to be again a game of respect, of gentlemen, and there are ethics and manners to follow in a tournament. The 21st century chess can’t allow a GM hidding phones in a toilet, where are the values of this game that we so proudly preach?

For example, nowadays in Open Tournaments it is very common to see kids (sometimes not just kids) walking around and commenting their own games and how they are doing.… Read more

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