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Endgame solution

After black’s move (24… f6), it’s clear that the pawn on h2 is lost. So, what to do? The idea I got was to play against the bishop on h2, which after f4 looks trapped.

The moves I considered here were 25. Ng4 and 25. Nd3. After 25. Ng4, black responds with 25… h5 26. Nf2 – Bxh2 and now, after 27. f4, threatening to trap the bishop, black plays 27… Bg3, trading the bishop or getting it out via h4. As a result, I played 25. Nd3. The game continued with 25… Bxh2 26. f4 – Bg3, wanting to play Bh4 and regrouping his pieces. The position we are looking at is now this:

I continued my idea by playing 27. Kg2 – Bh4 28. Kh3 – g5. Now, taking advantage of the weaknesses black created in his camp and the fact that he can never capture on f4 because of the bishop hanging on h4, I played 29.Read more

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Central American and Caribbean Championships U20

I’d like to use this post to congratulate my student Danitza Vazquez from Puerto Rico for her performance in the Central American and Caribbean Championships U20 held in Costa Rica from 17th to 22th of december.

Danitza finished the tournament with 7 points out of 9 and and tied for the first place but was second on tiebreak. The winner of the tournament was another young talent from Puerto Rico, Natasha Morales whom I’d like to congratulate as well for such an important triumph on her career.

10846050_10153415162693332_8392166188240010443_nNatasha Morales (left) and Danitza Vazquez. 

danitzaDanitza Vazquez 

DanitzaRenierDanitza and me during one of our training sessions in Puerto Rico earlier this year.

DSC_0323Another training sesion in 2013

Written by (IM) Renier Castellanos

Me gustaría dedicar este post para felicitar a mi alumna Danitza Vazquez  por su actuación en el Campeonato Centroamericano y Caribe sub 20 celebrado en Costa Rica del 17 al 22 de diciembre.Read more

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