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My view on the Candidates

The candidates is over and finally we have a new challenger for the world title: Sergey Karjakin. There are and will be many reports in your favorite chess sites on how good his chess was as well as detailed analysis of his games, but in my opinion he simply played his cards better. He had strong nerves to hold when he was pressed, stamina to recover from a loss and ambition to win. Karjakin showed competitive spirit and had a little bit of luck as well. The chess community should be pleased with the winner; Karjakin has been showing top quality chess for some time, extremely well prepared openings, sharp style and hunger for victory. I’m sure he will be a tough contender for Magnus Carlsen and I truly expect a very entertaining match for the world crown.

On the opposite corner was Fabiano Caruana, who could’ve also been a great challenger for Magnus if he had beaten Karjakin in the last round, but the truth is he had an extremely difficult (I don’t want to say impossible) task.… Read more

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Almost ten years ago we were in Turin, Italy playing in the 37th Chess Olympiad. I used to represent Chile back then before I moved permanently to Spain and changed federations. Playing the Olympiad was a great experience, and although my result was a little dissapointing with only 5 points out of 12 games, I don’t have a bad memory from the tournament.

182382_4060179346647_1973820850_nA picture of me (left) playing against Brian Kelly (Ireland) 

551125_4060180906686_1469065374_nThe playing hall in Turin Chess Olympiad.

The following position occurred in my game against the strong GM Lubomir Ftacnik (Slovak). I missed a big opportunity  to win it. Can you find the best move for black?

Ftacnik-CastellanosFtacnik (2597) – Castellanos (2467)
Black to Play

Written by (IM) Renier CastellanosRead more

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