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Magnus Carlsen on new Altibox Commercial


Magnus Carlsen’s TV carreer is on a permanent rise. The Norwegian chess star appears on the new Altibox commercial. Altibox is a Broadband, IPTV and VoIP provider that operates in Norway and Denmark. See the full clip below.… Read more

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5 Chess Commercials You Have to See

Chess is not as popular on television as we’d like it to be. However, it is definitely a great selling tool. The World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen has taken a step forward in this matter and has been the protagonist of several ads, being the G-Star image for many years. In the latest Porsche 911 commercial we can see him sharing screen with the boxing legend Muhammad Ali and the worldwide popular tennis player Maria Sharapova. The advertisment, released just a couple of days ago, made us look for more TV spots where chess is in the flashlight. Here is a list of our favorites:

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6 Chess Apps for Kids

Very often we get questions about apps kids can use to learn or improve their chess. We were aware of apps to solve puzzles and play chess, but they were not all suitable for kids who are just starting to discover the magic of chess. That being said, we spent the last couple of days having fun and trying some chess apps designed for kids.

Here’s our recommendation:

Chess for Kids. FREE, offers in-app purchases. We found this app that’s offered by chess.com easy to use, with a friendly interface and very useful for kids. They can learn the rules with the short introductory video, solve puzzles in order to sharpen their tactical vision and practice what they’ve learned versus computers of different ratings (from 400 to 2200) or online, against other children.

Coach Jay’s Chess Academy. FREE, offers in-app purchases. The app is structured in 5 levels and teaches kids very important concepts: checkmate, defense, endgame, strategy and tactics.… Read more

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New article for The Chess World

Our latest article for one of the leading chess websites on the net: The Chess World has just been published online. In this article we have a closer look at the ”rauzer pawn structure” with example games by Mihail Botvinnik and Magnus Carlsen.


Click on the link below to check it out!

The Rauzer Pawn Structure

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