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In this page you can find information about the lessons we do, in Spanish, English, and Romanian languages. Lessons online via Skype and ICC, chess.com or Playchess.

We offer discounts for students who are interested in long-term coaching!


(WIM) Raluca Sgircea


FIDE Trainer. Woman International Master since 2011. One Woman Grandmaster norm. Rating peak: 2302.
Active chess player and teaching chess for over three years. Lessons directed to work in the most important aspects of the game such as tactics, middle game, strategy, and arm you with skills and a good chess understanding for your tournament practice.

Email: raluca_sgircea@yahoo.com


Number of hours Price per pack Discounted price
(available in pack only!)
1-4 hours 100 $ 25 $/hour
8 hours 190 $ 24 $/hour
10 hours 225 $ 22,5 $/hour
12 hours 250 $ 21 $/hour
15 hours 285 $ 19 $/hour

(IM) Renier Castellanos

FIDE Trainer. International Master since 2004. One Grand Master norm. Rating peak: 2529.
Active chess player, with many years of coaching experience, my training plan is especially focused on improving your openings and the middle game motifs that normally emerge from them. Moreover, I provide deep analysis of your own games. I believe that one of the keys to improve your play is recognizing your own mistakes and your tendency to repeat them in certain positions. My students also benefit from my own new chess experience, keeping therefore up to date with theory and fresh analysis all the time.

Email: reniercastellanos82@gmail.com

Number of hours Price per pack Discounted price
(available in pack only!)
1-4 hours 120 $ 30 $/hour
8 hours 230 $ 29 $/hour
10 hours 275 $ 27,5 $/hour
12 hours 310 $ 26 $/hour
15 hours 360 $ 24 $/hour