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Solution to last diagram.

One week ago I shared in this blog a position from my game against Lubomir Facnik where I missed a huge opportunity to win the game. The position was this:

Ftacnik-CastellanosFtacnik (2597) – Castellanos (2467)
Black to Play

In the game I continued with 50…Nf4?? and after 51.a7 Qf1 52.Qf2 Qh3+ 53.Kg1 black loses since there is no move and white will simply play 54.a8 = Q

However, I could have won the game if I had played 50…Ng5!! the knight cannot be taken because the rook on a2 is hanging and the threat of Nxf3 is not easy to stop. See the next diagram:


White is now lost. There is no defense against Nxf3. For example:

a) 51.Ra3 Qxa6!-+ 52.Rxa6 Nxf3+ 53.Kh3 Nxd2 the endgame seems winning for black.
b) 51.Qe2 Nxf3+ 52.Kg2 Qb3 -+ black has a very strong attack with h4-h3 coming.

It’s been already 9 years since this game was played, therefore it’s hard to draw any conclusions on why I lost this game.… Read more

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