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Position of the day

Analyzing my own games, I found this interesting position from my game against the Grandmaster Stefan Djuric (Serbia) that we played in the second round of an Open in Nebrodi, Sicily. White has been pressing through the entire game, but I tried to make things as difficult as possible for him. My last move 33…Ra4! is threatening to trade his active rook and ease the pressure on my king. There is plenty to analyze here, if you enjoy studying puzzles or solving middlegame problems here is one for you:

TS1 (2)

White to play, find the strongest continuation:
Djuric,S – Castellanos,R
Nebrodi 2015Djuric-Castellanosr5k1/4pp2/3p1npQ/3P1P2/r1R5/6P1/q4P2/3R1BK1 w – – 0 33

Solution will be posted in a few days. Feel free to comment your thoughts.

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New articles in

The Chess World (.com), one of the best chess websites around has published this week three articles written by us. Check them out:

  • 3 Best Games of the Week Three recent games exaplained. These games are:
    1- Nakamura,H – Anand,V London 2015
    2- Khismatullin,D – Sjugirov,S Ugra Governor’s Cup 2015
    3- Lu Shanglei – Bu Xiangzhi China Chess King 2015
  • The 6 Most Important Chess Principles. In this article we have a look at a useful guide with rules to follow during our games.
  • The Keres Attack. Read more about the Keres Attack and how it started. Have a look at three well commented games with spectacular attacks against the king.
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New publications for The Chess World

Busy days here in the Island Charm but we haven’t forgotten about chess. Here is a short update of our last articles for .

Our last two articles can be found here:

The Scotch Opening
A short overview of a solid and reliable line for white in the Scotch opening. We chose the four knights variation which always had the reputation of being harmless. However, it seems that the positions arising are fresh and with room for plenty of new ideas. Have a look yourself.

The Chess Principles
For beginners and not only beginners, the chess principles of chess are hardly unbreakable. In this article we have a look at the most relevant principles of the opening and we add recent examples of how these rules are not always obeyed ending in a awful result. Enjoy!!

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