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Benasque Open under way

The 35th edition of the “Villa de Benasque” International Open is taking place between 3 and 11 of July in Benasque, Spain. The event is well known for its strength and the number of participants it attracts every year. This year’s edition has gathered 412 players, among which 34 Grandmasters. Top seed is GM Maxim Rodshtein (2678), followed by GMs Ferenc Berkes (2664), Julio Granda (2652), Baskaran Adhiban (2627), Jorge Cori (2627) and Daniel Naroditsky (2622).

After six rounds, three players are sharing the lead with 5,5 points: GM Julio Granda, GM Sergey Grigoriants and GM Jorge Cori. The fight is tight, as they are followed by no less than 16 players with 5 points. Top encounters of the 7th round are:

Rd7Rounds 7-9 are scheduled at 4 PM local time, while round 10 will be played at 9 o’clock in the morning. Top 10 boards can be watched live here.… Read more

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Puzzle solution

White has an obvious advantage because of the unfortunate position of the black king. However, finding a straight win with little time on the clock isn’t always easy and regular, mediocre moves get in the way – we’ve all been there. White has two ways to end this game shortly:

A-) 1.Bxc6 (perhaps the most natural and easier to see move , it’s clean and simple enough) 1…Qd6 (1…bxc6 2.Qxe5+ Kb6 3.bxc6+ +-) 2.Qxd6+ Kxd6 3.Bd5 +- White’s next move is fxg4.

B-) 1.Bg8!! such a beautiful move, white is simply threatening to take the rook on h8 and now: 1…Rhxg8 2.Qxe5+ Kb6 3.c5+ Ka5 4.Qf4! with mate in 4. If instead of 1…Rhxg8 black plays 1…Rbxg8 then 2.bxc6 and white wins

The actual game continued : 26.Qxe5 (this move is also good) cxd5 27.fxg4? (”habitual play” just to restore the material balance, after 27.cxd5 white is winning) 27…Rhe8 28.Qf4 hxg4.… Read more

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