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La partida del día

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8th International Chess Festival “Terre degli Elimi”

Italy is one of our favourite destinations and not long ago we were (again) travelling to this beautiful country, this time to one of its famous islands, Sicily. It was my first time here and I was eager to get to know this place whose calling card is beyond inviting. I had great expectations and was afraid I might come back disappointed, as it usually happens in such situations, but nothing like that! I am only looking forward to my next trip to Sicily where the scenery, the food and people are wonderful.

Our destination was the small, but old and full of history town of Erice, located on top of Mount Erice, at around 750 meters above sea level and overlooking the city of Trapani. I could even say that it seems like a magical place, with its narrow streets, impressive historical monuments and breathtaking views of the island. Throughout the history Erice has been seen as a holy place (also thanks to its particular geographic position) and still holds the remains of numerous churches and cathedrals – no wonder it is known nowadays as “the Mountain of God”.… Read more

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Following games Online, the new method of chess training

Following games online is one of the newest and most effective methods of training for the busy chessplayer. When I say busy, I’m talking about people who can’t dedicate a lot of time to working on chess because of different reasons. The good thing about following games is that you can nowadays do it with ease, thus making use of all that time that is considered to be “wasted” time. For example, when traveling or when just sitting idle by the beach. In our articles for The Chess World  we have recommended this  method more than once. When you’re following a game you should not hurry and turn the engine on in order to  entertain yourself, but you should try to learn, from theory to new ideas and patterns. I was glad to find out that Jacob Aagaard also recognizes this approach in his last book Thinking Inside The Box.… Read more

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5 Consejos para progresar en el Ajedrez.

A menudo me preguntan ¿qué puedo hacer para progresar en ajedrez? La verdad es que mi respuesta siempre es la misma, ambigüedad entre el “no lo sé” y el “estudia como el que más”.

Me gustaría escribir aquí mi opinión sobre lo que creo que necesita cualquier persona para mejorar hasta conseguir un nivel razonable o al menos que sea competitivo. Primero me gustaría exponer mi visión del ajedrez y contaros un poco de historia sobre mí.

Para mí es muy importante mantener la humildad ante la grandeza de este juego. El ajedrez es demasiado complejo y tiene cosas inexplicables, propias de un juego que se juega con la mente, el corazón y .. llamémosle coraje. Cada persona tomará las decisiones que mejor le convengan y no existe una única manera de jugar ni de entender el juego. Además de esto se suma la entrada de las computadoras que traen jugadas que dejan en evidencia a los Maestros más dogmáticos.

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