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32nd Cappelle la Grande Open

The Cappelle la Grande Open is one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world and attracts hundreds of chess players every year. Besides being a very strong competition, the organizers do their best to make the players feel welcome and maintain a friendly and professional atmosphere.

Cappelle la Grande is a small village situated in the North of France, but with great love for chess. The tournament has reached its 32nd edition and the officials promise that there are many more to come. The playing venue is the spacious Palais des Arts that is adapted to the players’ needs by the team of volunteers who help throughout the whole event.

While all the action takes place in Cappelle, most of the players stay about 15 minutes away in Dunkerque, the main city in the region and third-largest harbor in France. The distance is nothing to worry about, as the organizers have thought about everything.… Read more

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Chess life in Puerto Rico

                                                                                                  Written by (WIM) Raluca Sgircea

Chess is slowly gaining popularity in the small island of Puerto Rico. More and more kids are attracted by the game and start taking it seriously. The growing interest and competitiveness is probably the reason why Puerto Rico has so many young talented chess players. For almost two months, we have been lucky enough to be part of the chess community here and we can say that there is always some chess event going on!

The reigning national champion (in every possible category – women, open and juniors), (WIM) Danitza Vazquez, aged 15, is doing a great job promoting chess in Puerto Rico. For the holidays, she held a simultaneous exhibition where players of all ages tried to make a good result against the talented youngster.

In January, all chess enthusiasts were invited by Renier to a two-hour training session followed by a simultaneous in a very popular place: Le Petit Bistro, located in the mall Plaza Las Americas of San Juan.… Read more

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Cantera de jóvenes ajedrecistas en la zona este

                                                                                                                      Por Rafelli González

Varios tableros, un maestro de ajedrez y tres estudiantes con sus padres era todo lo que tenía un diminuto salón ubicado en el Centro Comunal de la urbanización Villa Humacao en el 2008. Al día de hoy, este pequeño espacio alberga a más de 25 jóvenes ajedrecistas que han impactado el deporte ciencia a niveles nunca antes vistos en Puerto Rico.
Se trata del Club de Ajedrez de Humacao, iniciativa comunitaria dirigida por el entrenador nacional Germán Vellón Cruz y Yamil Acosta y que actualmente cuenta con dos campeones nacionales en las categorías Sub-10, cinco medallistas de oro en los Juegos de Puerto Rico y un batallón de padres que con el apoyo hacia sus hijos han creado uno de los clubes más exitosos en el país.
“La iniciativa surge ya que una de mis niñas se interesa por el ajedrez obteniendo unos logros significativos a nivel escolar.… Read more

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