5 Apps for Chess players


What are the essential Apps to be keep track of what’s hapening in the world of chess through your smartphone? Don’t know? No problem.

Here is a list of our top 5:

FollowChessFollow Chess. FREE. This one is a must have if you want to follow live retransmisions from tournaments all around the world. It’s free and easy to use, you don’t need signing up or anything. You can upgrade to PRO version in order to enjoy more features like looking through past games, download pgn etc. You should have this one by now, but if you don’t have it yet, go get it installed!

chess24Chess24 FREE Definitely a top App. Not only you can follow live retransmision of every major event but this is also a server in which you can play online against people around the globe. It also has an engine to analyse your games right after you finish playing. Definitely a must have.


One of the best places to play online. It also has a chess tactics tool with more than 50.000 puzzles to solve. Get access to video lessons and daily articles written by titled players. You can also add friends and send messages. Truly a quality App


Scid On the Go This one is surprinsingly less popular than the above mentioned. However, we find it very useful. You can analyse, save and share your own games. It has the option of copying the game to clipboard so you can share it through WhatsApp or other type of messenger.

ChessBaseChessBase The most important feature of this app is the quick access to the big database online. If you’re looking for a specific position or a specific game, ChessBase allows you to find it by entering the data in the search parameters.

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