Romanian Championship Final Standings

GM Constantin Lupulescu (2635) and (IM) Corina-Isabela Peptan (2430) are thew new romanian champions.


GM Lupulescu (2635) Romanian Champion 2015 with 6.5 / 9.


(IM) Corina Peptan won the 1st place scoring 7.5 / 9 in the women section.

More pictures from the event:

DSCF9623GM Mircea Parligras finished in the 3rd place. 6/9


Last round game between GM Vlad Nevednichy and GM C. Lupulescu

DSCF9642GM Vlad Nevednichy and GM Mircea Parligras

DSCF9634(WGM) Elena Cosma (left) also scored 7.5 / 9 but had an inferior tiebreak.

DSCF9611Moldovan Petruta

Link on Chess-Results: HERE

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