Cappelle La Grande 2015

We have just returned from the 31st edition of Cappelle La Grande. Once again, we must congratulate the organizers and volunteers for their excellent job organizing such a great event with over 500 participants (!). It was great to be part of it. Our performance in the tournament was good. (WIM) Raluca Sgircea had a difficult start, conceding several draws. However she bounced back and finished with 5.5 points out of 9. This was enough to win the 4th place in the women’s section and win a prize.

Women’s section standings:

  1. Ekaterina Atalik – 6
  2. Shiqun Ni – 5.5
  3. Anna Warakomska – 5.5
  4. Raluca Sgircea – 5.5

For myself the tournament went well too. I won 5 games drew 2 and lost 2 against a tough opposition. Performed above my rating and was in the cash prizes so I can’t complain. I could have won one more game but we’ll get to that soon when I analyze the games properly. For now I’ll share with you some pictures from our stay in Cappelle:

20150305_112917Views of the port in Dunkerke where we stayed during the tournament.

20150305_113009 20150305_182524 20150307_194823The port by night

20150307_195110Cappelle1(WIM) Raluca Sgircea (2292)

Cappelle5Yours truly.

Cappelle12Cappelle35During round 9th

DSC_0052Discussing the last details of preparation before the round starts. 🙂

Cappelle15View of the playing hall, round 8th

Cappelle36 DSC_0089 DSC_0091GM Julen Arizmendi from Spain

DSC_0101My student (WIM) Danitza Vazquez from Puerto Rico with (WIM) Raluca Sgircea. It was Danitza’s first tournament in Europe, she scored 4.5 out of 9.

Cappelle24(WIM) Danitza Vazquez with @ThinkingSquares 🙂

Written by (IM) Renier Castellanos

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