Gibraltar: Nakamura leads with 5/5.


Nakamura continues to show he is on another level, the american is leading the tournament alone with a perfect score of 5 points out of 5 rounds. Yesterday he defeated the strong GM Adhiban B. (2630) as black, choosing a sharp variation of the queen’s gambit accepted. Nakamura’s performace so far is 3322 and he is gaining 10.6 rating points. He will face Veselin Topalov  today with the white pieces.

Topalov had to work hard to beat the young GM Anton Guijarro. He is a fighter by nature, and yesterday’s game was an example of how to play for a win and sharpen things up. After 10 moves this position appeared on the board:

Anton-Topalov1Anton Guijarro – Veselin Topalov
Position after white’s move 10.0-0

In the diagram above black has a few logical moves, castle would be the most natural thing, Qe7 can be considered too, with a ”solid position”. However Topalov had different plans: 10…Bb8!? 11.d4 Qc7! this is the point, white is forced to weaken his kingside a little bit with 12.f4 reaching the following position:

Anton-Topalov2Anton Guijarro – Veselin Topalov
Position after white’s move 12.f4

Topalov here continued with 12…g5! creating tension on the king side, even if white was still Ok after this, the game was no longer a ”quiet battle”.

Wei Yi couldn’t keep his winning streak and had to settle for a draw against the GM Renier Vazquez. The spanish GM had was put under a lot of pressure in a rook endgame:

Vazquez-WeiYiVazquez,R – Wei, Y
White to Move

Apparently black is just winning easily, white’s rook is very passive and his king is not creating any counterplay. White needs some drastic changes so he went 49.h4! the best practical chance. 49…h6 Perhaps this isn’t the best move, it’s understandable black’s desire of keeping things the way they are but 49…Rxh4 is critical and we’re not sure how Vazquez was planning to continue. The game went on 50.hxg5 hxg5 

Vazquez-WeiYi2Vazquez,R – Wei, Y
White to Move

Black now found an unpleasant surprise 51.Ra1! beautiful idea, black is in ‘zugzwang’ his next move is 51…Kb4 and now 52.Rf1! a3 53.g3 Rc4 54.f4 gxf4 55.gxf4 Draw.

Round 6 Pairings:


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