Gibraltar Round 2. The big names feel the heat. Hou Yifan new number one.

Another day of exciting chess went by in Gibraltar’s Masters and the second round had many, many surprises. Top seed Vesselin Topalov was unable to beat the GM Debashis (2503) and had to settle with 1/2 point. Same result for number 3 Peter Svidler who was playing against IM Dennis Wagner (2501) (18 years old).

Hikaru Nakamura didn’t miss his date with victory and beat the GM Dronavalli Harika. He will face GM Nabaty tomorrow with the black pieces.

GM Richard Rapport (2716) beat the young norwegian IM Aryan Tari (2487) with a very straightforward play and a strong piece sacrifice:

RapportPosition after white’s  14.Ndf3!

Black continued with: 14…hxg5 (Perhaps black’s idea was to play 14…Ba6 but then saw white could play 15.Bh7+ Kh8 16.Ne5! with a very strong attack) 15.hxg5 Ne4 16.Bxe4 dxe4 17.Kd2!! white’s attack along the H file is decisive.

Rapport2Position after white’s 17.Kd2

The game went on with 17…g6 18.Qh1 f6 19.Rh7 1-0

Rapport3Rapport – Tari

Hou Yifan became world’s top rated female after her convincing win over the indian IM Das. Virtually rated 2675,2. Judit Polgar’s reign has come to an end after 26 years.

Third round pairings (first 20):

Round 3

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