Solution to yesterday’s puzzle


Sgircea, Silvia Raluca – Vilarnovo Caamano, Jose

It is clear that white is better, and the idea of sacrficing the rook on f6 is written all over the board. However during the game I couldn’t make it work and decided to play 23.Qc3, a nice move cutting down all of black’s tricks and leading to a winning endgame. Looking deeper in the diagram position we can see white has a direct solution:

23.R1xf6! gf6 24.Qd3 Qc1+ 25.Be1! (I completely overlooked this move, a second sacrifice leaving the black queen unable to continue the checks, 25.Kg2 also wins 25…Qxb2+ 26.Kg1! and do a similar idea as in the mainline but not 26.Kh3?? Bc8+ 27.Kh4 Qh2++ and black wins) 25…Qxe1+ 26.Kg2 d4+ 27.Kh3 Bc8+ 28.Kh4 wins.

Written by (WIM) Raluca Sgircea

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